Managing Credit Correctly as a College Student

CreditMy son, an 18 year old, recent high school graduate, received his first credit card application in the mail. In addition to graduating, he also got accepted to college, and started his first job.


So of course, this would be the perfect time for the creditors to come a-knocking. But, I also decided this was the perfect time for us to have a serious discussion about building and using credit wisely.


I remember my days in college, back in the year 19..cough…cough, when credit card companies would set-up tables outside the library and chemistry building and lure us unsuspecting college students into signing up for a credit card. The funny thing is we didn’t need a job or any income in order to qualify. I guess they figured Mom and Dad would pay it off if we couldn’t, or we’d just spent a million years working to pay it off…with interest of course.


Now, at that time, I thought I was pretty savvy with my card, because I didn’t think I was using it carelessly, and only used it “for emergencies.” But, that doesn’t really explain how I maxed it out and spent years (too many years) working to pay it off. But I digress.


So, now as an adult and a parent, it’s important for  me to educate my son about the appropriate use of a credit card. Although I feel there are some lessons children must learn for themselves, this has the potential to be a long, hard lesson to recover from, and I don’t want that for him. So I decided to conduct a hands-on mini-training workshop for him.


To help me prepare for his session, I researched the topic online. And, although there were hundreds of sites that talked about credit, I found the following article at – to be very helpful in explaining the following:

  1. Why Should You Be Concerned About Your Credit Score Now?
  2. What Makes Up Your Credit Score?
  3. How to Build Your Credit Score
  4. Things to Avoid


So, if you are a college student or the parent/guardian of a college student and you need help understanding (or explaining) the importance and value of credit, this is the perfect website for you. In addition to Personal Finance, they also offer information on financing education, career advice, and home ownership, which are all relevant topics for helping you create the life(style) you desire.


Again, the site is: Check it out!


Until next time…Be Blessed!




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