5 Facts to Remember About Failure

failure picWe all want to be successful, but most times the road to success is sprinkled with failure, and guess what? That’s okay. Every great discovery emerged through failure, or at least some type of set-back, but the world was forever changed. Imagine the first airplane that didn’t take off correctly; imagine the first attempt to harness electricity; imagine the first PC prototype; the race to create the World Wide Web; and the first social media site. These early attempts were probably considered an ultimate failure compared to their current success. But just imagine where society would be if the ideas had been abandoned every time it didn’t work out the way it was expected.


In my work to empower minority youth to get educated about the obstacles, options, and opportunities available for their futures, it’s also important for me to dispel the myth that “failure is not an option;” especially when in most cases it’s the first option.


So, here are five facts that I’ve put together about failure that I encourage you to remember as you strive for ultimate success:

  1. We all learn from our mistakes; if there are no mistakes, there’s no learning
  2. Without failure, we would have a false sense of security
  3. Failure makes the world go around
  4. Find fuel in failure. Sometimes failure gets you closer to where you want to be
  5. Failure is not the absence of success; failure is a step toward success
  6. Nothing beats a failure but a try


Society would have us believe that success comes overnight. We have new technologies popping up everywhere, new reality TV shows/stars popping up everywhere, and a lot of other things that appear to have come easily. When in fact, most highly successful people have invested a lot of time, energy, money, and made major sacrifices, in order to become the success we know today. And, although for us, it may appear to have happened overnight, what we see is actually the RESULT of it, not ALL of it.


So, as you continue to figure out what your future looks like, don’t be afraid to experience new things, try out new ideas, move out of your comfort zone, and make an all-out attempt to FAIL. Because, as I see it, the only things we fail at, are those things we never try.


Until Next Time…Be Blessed!

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