Moving Beyond Just Being Content

Content ImageThe other day, I had a conversation with a friend who was visibly unhappy with the way his life was unfolding. However, every time I’d suggest something he could do to get out of his funk, he’d say “Yeah, but…” I’d suggest something else, he’d say “Yeah, but…” There was always a “Yeah, but…”


That got me thinking about how many people are going through life being content with being dissatisfied. How can they simply expect and accept less for themselves? For example, they don’t have the great job they REALLY want or even earn enough to make ends meet, they don’t live in the house they REALLY want, they don’t have the relationship they REALLY want, and they don’t have the slightest clue what they REALLY  want to do with they life. And, for some ridiculous reason, living like this is okay with them.


The simple truth is that people often allow themselves to be overpowered by their own insecurities. How much better would life be if they would muster up the courage to work through their insecurities and pursue their greatness?


My answer – life would probably be more magnificent than they could ever imagine. So, let’s stop harboring those negative thoughts about being less than, unworthy, not smart enough, or not good looking enough, and replace them with more empowering, inspiring, and uplifting mantras for your life. Once you do this, you’ll start taking bolder steps toward genuine satisfaction, which at the very least could include:

1. Learning a new language
2. Reading a good self-help book
3. Improving your health and fitness
4. Getting your finances and other personal affairs in order
5. Re-evaluating unhealthy relationships
6. Wanting and expecting better for yourself!


When you stop being content with being dissatisfied, you open yourself up to an amazing world of possibilities. What amazing things would you pursue if truly believed you deserved better?


Until next time!

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